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Meet Kim & Nicole

Kim and Nicole met in the Army Wounded Warrior program at Fort Drum New York during the height of the war; global war on terrorism and were trained in holistic medicine. As we grew closer to retirement, we vowed that we would bring something positive to the community when the time finally came. Out of this promise and vision came Outskirts 1812, a health and wellness retreat equipped with a retail indoor store so that visitors can take home a piece of what our new journey offers. We can't wait to see what Outskirts 1812 brings to the community and surrounding area. 




I’m Kim Bauer, a wife and mom of two grown children. I am a retired nurse practitioner and Army Veteran. Since my teen years, my hobby has been in horticulture. I love to raise, propagate and nurture plants of all kinds.  Plants offer a kind of therapeutic relaxation and mental wellness. I am a Master Gardener through Cornell Cooperative Extension.  My hope is to share the passion that I have with the community. Our goal is to bring people together at Outskirts 1812.

I’m Nicole. I’m grateful to God every day and for my healthy three children.  I’ve been a Nurse for almost 30 years working in Army and Civillian medicine.  I grew up in the foothills of the Adirondack’s in a small town with my parents who encouraged growth, living by the Golden Rules and promoted exploration with community activities and entrepreneurship.  I hope to continue their legacy at Outskirts 1812 with Kim bringing people together with holistic modalities, fun and lots of laughter.  Come see us!

Our Mission

Our goal with Outskirts 1812 is to bring Health and Wellness to all that visit. We will offer private and public events and self-care activities for the community to foster positive relationships and togetherness. Our amenities include therapy goats, various classes, and a beautiful 29.6 acres of nature with a 1 mile walking trail for our visitors to enjoy. Outskirts 1812 was developed on a piece of historic property that once belonged to Dr. Samuel Guthrie, an Army Doctor in the War of 1812.  We have worked endlessly renovating an 1800 barn into a welcoming event area and staple of the property. We are proud to own this piece of historic land and we look forward to growing and bringing our health and wellness retreat, laughter, fun, events, and different modalities to the community. 

Thanks to all that come and visit! 

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