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A Health & Wellness Retreat in Sackets Harbor, New York

Outskirts 1812 is located on a beautiful 29.6-acre property in Sackets Harbor once owned by Dr. Samuel Guthrie, an Army physician who during the war of 1812 was instrumental in the development of Chloroform as an anesthetic.  We have meticulously renovated and added to portions of the property which includes a 1800 barn that was rehabbed into our welcome and event center, added two greenhouses, a hut for the yoga goat tribe, vegetable gardens and a scenic walking trail throughout the property. We have also selectively cleared portions of the property allowing classes and meditation sessions to occur within our natural surroundings.  We are looking forward to the 2024 season and phase 4 of our project! "Glamping". 

Make sure to keep an eye out for our seasonal events. During the spring season watch for our greenhouses to produce an abundances of flowers. Fall brings pumpkins and "Forest of Fear", and winter brings "A Hallmark Christmas", loaded with fresh Christmas trees. 


Our amenities include hiking trails throughout the property or health and wellness based classes. We offer Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Sound Bath, Forest Bathing, Goat Yoga, Goat Trekking, and botanical plant classes.

Coming in July:  A "Glamping" Retreat Experience including evidence based holistic medicine services. 


Our most special feature at Outskirts 1812 are our cute, fluffy, and friendly goats! Their company can be enjoyed through our weekly Goat Treks down the mile long walking path, goat yoga, or leisurely visiting while on the grounds. Nothing brings happiness to your day like a visit with the Outskirts 1812 goats! 


*New schedule coming soon*

Outskirts 1812 offers a variety of relaxing and engaging classes ranging from Yoga, Reiki, Massage, and Goat Treks down our one mile walking path. Connect with nature, relax, and enjoy the many classes available at Outskirts 1812. 


Looking for a venue for your next party or event? Outskirts 1812 offers a warm and spacious venue suitable for many types of special occasions. Equipped with both indoor and outdoor spaces, Outskirts 1812 offers the unique combination with our modern rustic barn and scenic nature views of the grounds. 


Looking to improve your home garden or landscaping? Our greenhouses hold a variety of annual and perennial plants and flowers. Our store also includes a variety of houseplants. Stop in to see our selection!

Meet the Outskirts 1812 Goats!

Goat Yoga & Goat Trekking are now available for booking  
Scroll through the weekly schedule below to book your spot! 

Unsure of your schedule? Drop-in spots are also available for Goat Yoga.
Visit our Wellness Classes page to view all available classes & sessions at Outskirts 1812  




Enjoy the camping experience, but with perks and luxurious comfort. 

Coming in July 2024, visitors of Outskirts 1812

will be able to book a tent and go Glamping

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